Tennis downblouse

Women’s tennis players are exceptionally skilled and it’s certainly entertaining to watch a great match, but there’s no question that their beauty and sexiness is a big part of why we tune in. Most matches are filled with tennis downblouse shots, especially when the girl bends over to receive the serve. She sways from side to side and bounces on her toes to hone her balance to prep for the perfect return. Athletes are almost always sexy thanks to they’re exceptionally tight, fit bodies that they spend most of their days work, and these girls on the court are no exception. The tennis downblouses include bouncing breasts when they take a hard swing at the ball or have to lunge to reach a drop shot at the net. Some players are blessed with larger boobs and they certainly provide the best views, from their bosom heaving as they breathe heavy to the bouncing as they gracefully move around the court and chase down balls.

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